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Nexus Move is an innovative recruiting membership solution at a fraction of typical recruiting. 

5% Recruiting Fee

How it Works

It's not magic, but we do use awesome proprietary technology to lower your cost while giving you a huge ROI. We have a master certified coach work with each of your new hires to increase retention and lower turnover. Through the use of technology and an awesome team we are able to bring huge savings to your talent recruiting and sourcing budget. Companies can join our exclusive membership program and gain access to HR Tech, search consultants, and master certified coaches at a fraction of adding a new internal recruiter to their company.


What our clients are saying:

NexusMove offers a variety of first class services, such as workshop moderation, personal coaching, new leadership transition workshops, onboarding support for new hires, MBTI and Hogan Assessments. We have been working with NexusMove for more than a year. I have used their services personally and for team members of my organization. Results were always on the mark. Danay and Dan are very knowledgeable people who are always available for support and you get what you need. Throughout my career I have worked with many coaches and moderators and I can say that NexusMove is amongst the top companies in this field.
— COO/President Global Company